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What was life like in the East End of London?

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During Victorian times, the East End was one of the poorest parts of London. Many people lived in run down accommodation, sometimes with whole families living in one room.

Does the narrator like living in London? Do you think everyone felt this way? Do you think everyone liked going hop picking?

The factories and busy port nearby meant the East End was polluted. In the summer time with the heat, crowded conditions and polluted air it was not a very nice place to be.

During the Second World War, the East End of London became a target for the enemy bombers. The enemy wanted to blow up the industries and stop goods coming into Britain through the port. Many houses were destroyed and lots of children were evacuated to safety in the countryside.

Why do you think people lived in the East End of London? Do you think everyone lived in bad conditions? Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of living in the town or the country.

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