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The Hopping Down in Kent website is the result of collaboration between the Museum of Kent Life, Cobtree and the South East Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (SEMLAC), in consultation with local schools and other potential users of the Museum. It has been developed and maintained through SEMLAC's Kent eLearning initiative with funding from the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) under phase 2 of the Museums and Galleries Education Programme(2003/4), with additional funding and advice from the South East Grid for Learning (SEGfL).

Special thanks to:

Samantha Cutter, Curator, Museum of Kent Life for material research, image scanning and copy writing.

Chris Davison, Project Officer, SEGfL for editing and additional advice

Mandie Dickinson, Education Content Manager, Port Cities Project, National Maritime Museum, for educational consultancy

Melissa Gates, WeLikeNiceThings, for interactive development

Ian Faulkner, Red Machine, for rendering the video clips

Candida Lacey & Corinne Pearlman, Myriad Editions, for development advice for the interactive maps

Isabelle Lewis, for the cartography in the interactive maps

Peter Pavement, Surface Impression, for website build, interactive maps, video interface and technical advice

Jocelyn Goddard, Access and Learning Officer, SEMLAC for proof reading and editing, advice and additional material

Martin Bazley, eLearning Producer, SEMLAC for eLearning expertise and project management