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What sort of accommodation did the pickers have?

Farmers would provide the pickers with accommodation during their stay.

Outside the huts

Imagine your family was staying in a hut with no electricity. How would it feel? Write a postcard home describing your hut to a friend.

Pickers' huts were usually made out of tin. They were often arranged in a block so pickers could share washing and cooking facilities and a communal toilet. Cooking often took place in the communal "cooking hut"

Most pickers brought belongings with them to make their huts feel like home. Some even covered them in wallpaper. 'Fagot' beds were made up using sticks and whole families shared one room for their 6-week stay. If tin huts weren't available pickers were sometimes accommodated in old animal sheds or tents.

Some of the pickers did not need to stay in huts – they were travelling Gypsies who came to the farm with their own caravans and trailers.

During the 19th century many of the pickers lived in army surplus tents, huts were built when health and hygiene benefits were recognised

How could they heat water and cook food? Design a camp that several families could live in for 6 weeks.

Pickers' Camp

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